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What's New

Register for the Spring 2018 (April - June) !!!!


Thank you for supporting us with  buying a wreath  - we are opening our small library with German books in January thanks to you!!! Come back to read more :) 









Papa's Pizza Fundraiser for German school  - Tue, Feb. 20th, 2018!

Join us for Pizza at Papa's Pizza in Corvallis. Bring the flier  and the school with receive 50% of your spending on food that day. We hope to be there 5.30pm for dinner and meet as many as possible :) The flier can be used the entire day. Thank you!!!



Parent Night Out  - March 9, 2018!

Stay after German class for a story time. We will enjoy a nice story and  Pizza in the evening event. 







Deutsche Schule of Corvallis was established in 2012 and is located in Corvallis, United States.

Our non-profit language immersion program “Deutsche Schule Corvallis” is an educational program focusing on introducing and teaching German language and culture to the children, youth and adults in our Corvallis area. We started this idea in 2012, and in November 2015 we became an independent, small organization with one weekly afternoon program and bi-weekly cultural activities on Saturdays for children aged 3+ and also for adults.

Starting the Spring 2016, we have several classes and activities, everyone is welcome to join:

Children and youth:

  • Friday 3.15-5.30 - classes for children 3+ and youth in the First Presbyterian Church, Corvallis (Monroe/9th Street)
  • bi-weekly Sunday cultural events 2-4.30pm in the Multicultural Literacy Center, Corvallis
  • Monday 3.15-4.45pm - German club at Waldorf school, Corvallis
  • in preparation: Friday 12.30-1.30 in the Multicultural Literacy Center, Corvallis


  • Friday 3.15-5.30 - free conversation in the Multicultural Literacy Center (Monroe/9th Street)
  • bi-weekly Sunday 2-4.30pm - adult beginning class

We also work closely with OSU to bring outreach and internship opportunities for students of German at OSU. While growing and establishing a good program, we continue adding more opportunities for everyone.

We are a unique program, offering small groups and we are flexible to pay attention to each of our students' needs and interests. In addition, we also plan and organize public events such as the First German Christmas Concert in December, 2015 that we hope to bring back this year, as well. 

This summer, we also plan our first day-camp for children 5-12 years: June 20-24, 2016.

Please check back for additional updates. News is available on the left menu.


Contact us for more information about the range of academic and cultural programs we offer.