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What's New

Register for the Spring 2018 (April - June) !!!!


Thank you for supporting us with  buying a wreath  - we are opening our small library with German books in January thanks to you!!! Come back to read more :) 









Papa's Pizza Fundraiser for German school  - Tue, Feb. 20th, 2018!

Join us for Pizza at Papa's Pizza in Corvallis. Bring the flier  and the school with receive 50% of your spending on food that day. We hope to be there 5.30pm for dinner and meet as many as possible :) The flier can be used the entire day. Thank you!!!



Parent Night Out  - March 9, 2018!

Stay after German class for a story time. We will enjoy a nice story and  Pizza in the evening event. 







Our team is:

  • Experienced, friendly and flexible
  • Professionally trained and hold College degrees
  • Offer students a diverse range of teaching specialties and skills
  • Familiar with the challenges of learning a second language
  • Responsive to individual learning styles


Teacher Profiles: 


 Sandra Balzer - Event coordinator and support.

I was born and raised in Würzburg, Germany and moved to Corvallis, OR in 2008. I am very glad to have the opportunity to volunteer at Deutsche Schule Corvallis. It is very exciting to be able to teach my native language to children and adults.

Sandra joined our team in the Fall 2014.




 Anke KnauthAnke Knauth

 Anke Knauth Teacher - Groups: Katzen  (Preschool, K-1)

 Anke was born in Ober-Ramstadt, Germany. Since age 13 she has taught young children first at her Sunday school, then at GASPA (a German Saturday school
in Menlo Park, CA), and now here. She is currently studying education at LBCC. Outside of work Anke enjoys baking and riding her motorcycle through the beautiful Oregon countryside. 

Anke is teaching our younger children class (3-7 years old)  since 2015.

Martha MooreMartha Moore


Martha Moore - Teacher - Group: Loewen (10+ years, Beginning level)

 Martha has loved the German language since she was an exchange student to Germany in High School. She began as a volunteer with the adult German conversation, then moved over to teaching  at a regular basis in the Fall 2016. Her full time job is as a special ed teacher, but she is also licensed to teach German K-12. 

Martha is teaching our beginning/advanced beginning children 10+ class this acad. year.


 AgnessAgness  Agnes Rehr-Zimmermann - Teacher  Assistant for Groups Tigers & Loewen

 I was born in Göttingen, Germany. I am a student at Oregon State University, studying Recreation Resource Management major with minors in Spanish and Photography. Beside practicing the German language and culture inside and outside of Oregon State University, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking and traveling.

Agness is with us since 2016. 




Brittney Teal-Cribbs, MA - Teacher  - Groups: Katzen (Preschool, K-1)

Brittney earned her MA in European History from WOU, and her BA in History with a minor in German from OSU. She spent three years volunteering with the OSU German Department leading conversation classes, performing community outreach with local children during holidays, and spent one term interning with Ashbrook Independent School's German after-school program. She is a Preschool Teacher. In her spare time, she enjoys learning medieval arts and sciences, and engages in participatory reenactment with the Society for Creative Anachronism. Brittney joined our Deutsche Schule Corvallis in November 2014.



Annette Youngberg - Teacher, Adult courses and Music

Annette is a clinical microbiologist who began studying German in junior high school. She has visited Germany several times, usually on a bicycle. Her favorite places in Germany are Berlin, Aachen, and rural Bavaria. Annette enjoys sharing her love of German language and culture with students of all ages.

Annette joined our school in 2015.



Ludmila Schuster Provaznikova, Ph.D. - School Director & Teacher  

 Ludmila received an MA in Foreign Language Education and History in the Czech Republic.  She spent several years teaching German and History at middle and high schools in the Czech Republic and in Germany. After moving to the United States, she earned an MA in German Literature at the University of North Carolina and a PhD in Foreign Language Acquisition at the University of Iowa. She has been faculty in the German Program at Oregon State University since 2010. Her interest is multi-lingual language development, which she gets to practice with her family every day.

Ludmila started the team in the Fall 2014.




Kerstin Früh- Teacher - Groups Tigers  
(5+ y. old, intermediate/near-native learners)

Kerstin was born in Aachen Germany and was raised in Switzerland. She has a teachers credential from Switzerland. Corvallis has been her home for the last 10 years where she has been raising and home schooling her beautiful sons, part-time farming and gardening, working as a fiber artist and offering childcare. Keeping the language, culture and traditions of her childhood alive and sharing those with others has been a priority in her home and community. 

Kerstin joined our school Sept. 2017. - Herzlich Willkommen!!!

 TEACHERS in the past years:




Manuela Waberer - Teacher

Manuela joined our team in the Spring 2015 and stayed to her graduation in June 2016 with us. Alles Gute!!!!!




Cynthia Cox , MA - Teacher

Cynthia obtained her Bachelor’s degree in German from California State University, Chico, during which time she studied abroad in Mainz, Germany. She went on to gain a Master’s degree in Linguistics from the University at Buffalo. She has over 5 years of teaching experience, including teaching German, Theater, and Dance in Kenya, and teaching English in France. For nearly 3 years she worked as a substitute teacher for Stanislaus County, where she taught all academic subjects to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. She has been an International Student Advisor at Oregon State University for the past 6 years. In her free time, Cynthia enjoys reading, travelling, and studying languages. She joined our team in the Fall 2014 and departed for her trip around the world and to Germany in June 2016.


Helga McCamley - Conversation and Reading Specialist

 Helga was born in Germany, but she has lived in the US a long time now.  She started to volunteer in our German school as a conversant for adults in the Fall 2014 and loves the opportunity to speak with others who have an interest in speaking ​German. As Helga said: “I am fairly new to the Corvallis area so this is also a wonderful way to meet interesting people.”



Zoe Alley - Assistant

Zoe is a graduate student of psychology at Oregon State University.  Originally taught by a language instructor from Switzerland, she studied German at OSU.  Zoe has always adored working with children.  She greatly enjoys sharing her love of German with those at the Deutsche Schule and playing with her younger brothers at home.  Outside of her work and studies, Zoe loves music and singing (especially German folk songs). 

 She joined our team in the Spring 2015.