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 German courses 2019-2020 for Children and Youth

Location: The Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan • 333 NW 35th St, Corvallis, OR 97330 
(You will find us in the Education Wing classrooms.)


Time: Same as the OSU, we have the Fall, Winter and Spring terms. 
Each term, we meet for 10 meetings 2.25 hours long (22.5 instructional hours/term).

We provide language instruction for children 3 years+ and youth.

  • All classes meet on Thursdays and/or Fridays 3.30-5.45pm unless specified.
  • We teach in small groups, not to exceed 8 students and have at least 2 teachers for each group. 
  • We have age and language-level appropriate activities and learning tracks for children 3+ and beginner to advance and for youth 10-16y. Younger children learn through play and songs, while older children engage in traditional learning and hands-on creative activities. Groups are also split based on age for various activities.
  • We love to offer additional educational events (presentations, conversation circles and theme-based activities, no-school-day and summer camps).
  • DSC teachers use the immersion teaching methodology as well as various tested techniques to improve students' skills and confidence in the use of a foreign language. We offer our students a range of courses for various purposes.

Groups descriptions: 

Mice (Die Maeuse) Parent-Child Class (only available with min. 4 students, 3-4 years old)

This class is an introductory German class for younger children (3-4 years old) to learn together WITH their parent(s). We enjoy playing together and learning our first German words, rhymes and songs together. Parents are welcome to attend with the child’s younger sibling if needed.

Cats 1 (Katzen 1) (age 4-6 years)

Our youngest group learning German without parents. We enjoy playing together and learning our first German words, rhymes and songs together. Each season and each term brings new songs, rhymes and activities that we work on together. First letters and sounds are introduced.

Cats 2 (Katzen 2) (age 6 -7/8 years) 

This older group enjoys not only playing together and learning first German sentences, dialogs and songs, but also start working on our German vocabulary, reading and writing skills in activities for smaller groups. Each season and each term brings new songs, rhymes and activities and themes that we work on together. (Textbook used: Hallo Anna 1 and 2)

Cats 3-4 (Katzen 3) (age 8-10/14 years) 

This oldest cats group is enjoying not only playing and sing songs together, but also continue working on our vocabulary development, improving reading and writing skills in a smaller group activities. Each season and each term brings new theme that helps the children learn the language through a content  (Sachkunde)(Examples: Solar system, All that flies, Heidi Book, Familie, etc.) Geography of Germany, Switzerland and Austria are being introduced. Homework is a crucial part of the work and preparation. Students work with a textbook Deutsch Mobil 1 and select at least one reading book (first-reader) from our library per term.


Tigers 1-4 (Tigergruppe)  (age as above)

We have a strong advanced and near-native  group that is focusing on all skills in topics about nature, science and geography. This group is German language ONLY. Themes follow "Sachkunde, Landeskunde" and cultural topics. Reading and writing skills are an important part of the curriculum, age appropriate activities prepared.  Each term, a reading book is selected based on the theme of the term, but students are encouraged to read more and use the books from our library.

Textbook Deutsch Mobil 1 & 2  and Sachkunde DAF textbooks and school materials are used for vocabulary development and grammar review.


Lions (Loewen) (age 10-15+y  (Only Fridays)

Our oldest beginning learners focusing on all skills. Although using materials and a style of a traditional classroom, we also offer the chance to do hands-on crafting and enjoy games together in German.


All children groups learn about German culture and traditions and each season and themes selected bring new ideas and materials. We work with small groups that do not exceed 8 students, which gives us the flexibility to focus on each child’s learning development. To help our students learn their best, we provide a mix of formal and informal learning environments, a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of themes. Come and join us.



Summer  Camps

During the Summer 2020, we plan again to open one week summer camp and one 8-week-long course. Let us know if interested :) We set our camp usually during the first week of summer vacations.

 A timely sign-up  and registration helps us to best prepare activities and learning materials for our students - your children that are interested to spend one whole day in a German environment. Each day has a theme that can be interesting for both younger and older children. We are ready to offer various activities to challenge a child with different language proficiency as well. Camp open to children 5+. 

Come back in February 2020 for more information!!!!


Contact:  Ludmila Schuster, School Director, to apply for any of the courses below (