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REGISTRATION still open !
Just a few places! Contact us directly if interested.

The spring term is starting April 2nd. Hurry!!!









Priority Registration open till April 15th!!!  

Join us for the Summer German camp June 18-22, and for  Summer term classes for children and adults.


SPRING BREAK - no classes : 
March 19th - April 1st 



List of courses:

  • Thursday Parent-Child Class

This 60-min class meets on Thursdays between 10-11am in our classroom at the 1st Presbyterian Church on Monroe. It is an introductory German class for younger children (3 years old) to learn WITH their parent(s). We enjoy playing together and learning our first German words, rhymes and songs together. Parents are welcome to attend with the child’s younger sibling if needed.

  • Friday Child Classes

Our Friday classes meet from 3.15-5.30 in the 1st Presbyterian Church on Monroe (basement classrooms). We have age and language-level appropriate activities and learning tracks for children 3+ and beginner to advance. Younger children learn through play and songs, while older children engage in traditional learning and hands-on creative activities. Currently, we have 3 groups open (each group is also split based on age for various activities):

  • Cats (Katzen) = 3-5/6y (This is our youngest group learning German in an environment without parents. We enjoy playing together and learning our first German words, rhymes and songs together. Each season and each term brings new songs, rhymes and activities that we work on together. Older children in this group start working with letters and their first reading in a smaller group activities.
  • Tiger (Tiger) = 7/8+ (advanced and near-native speakers focusing on all skills in topics about nature, science and geography. This group is German language ONLY. Fall term 2016 – the focus themes are nature, animals, plants and weather. The winter term will focus on the prehistoric times, from trilobites, dinosaurs, and first mammals to the first people and their life style. The spring will bring the theme of the World geography and cultures around the world.
  • Lions (Loewen) = 7/8+ (beginning and advanced beginning learners focusing on all skills. Although using materials and a style of a traditional classroom, we also offer the chance to do hands-on crafting and enjoy games together in German.

All children groups learn about German culture and traditions and each season and themes selected bring new ideas and materials. We work with small groups that do not exceed 12 students, which gives us the flexibility to focus on each child’s learning development. To help our students learn their best, we provide a mix of formal and informal learning environments, a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of themes. Come and join us.


  • Friday Adult Class

Starting Fall 2016, we have started an adult advanced class (A1/A2 level) for students who have had some exposer to the German language. This class meets on Fridays 3.15-5pm in the Multicultural Center. This class is led by Annette Youngberg. (Small Groups instruction – not to exceed 8 students)

  • Sunday Child Class

Each session meets 5x/term from 2-4:30 on designated Sundays. Each class has its own theme which is announced prior to class. Children prepare and eat a small snack, do crafting and many hands-on activities to support German language learning in an informal setting of the Multicultural Center. This class is led by Brittney Teal-Cribbs.

  • Sunday Adult Class

Starting the Fall 2016, we continue having opened an adult beginning class (A1 level) meeting on Sundays 2-4.30 in the Multicultural center 5x/term. This class is led by Annette Youngberg and meets during the same times as the Sunday children activities.

  • No School Days

We offer ONE "day camp" each term. A timely sign-up  and registration helps us to best prepare activities and learning materials for our students -your children that are interested to spend one whole day in a German environment. Each day has a theme that can be interesting for both younger and older children. We are ready to offer various activities to challenge a chid with different language proficiency as well. The camp will be 8.30am to 3.30pm to be followed by the German school. We recommend the younger children attend just a half day to not get overwhelmed. Camp open to children 5+.