DSC Faculty

Abigail Bernasconi, Conversation Teacher

Abigail is a student at Oregon State University.  She began as a volunteer in 2019 and has been an assistant for children’s classes and adult German conversation classes. In 2020, she will teach conversation course to support adult learners.

Martine Kloss, Substitute Teacher

Martine was born in Germany, but lived in the USA for many years and raised two daughters here bilingually. She started teaching on a regular basis in the Fall 2018. Martine is teaching our advanced beginning students grades 2-6.

Barbara Malloy, Administrative Office & Preschool Teacher

Barbara was born in Germany. She began working with us in 2018, and is teaching on a regular basis since the Winter 2018. As a former director of a Corvallis preschool, Barbara is supporting our youngest students – 3-5 years old – in our 2-year preschool program and in the office.

Ellen L. McPherson, Preschool Teacher

Ellen is a student at Oregon State University (Department of Education) and would like to become a teacher at the elementary school or a preschool. She started to support the DSC in 2017 as an internship student.  Ellen is teaching our Kindergarten and Elementary school children.

Brittney Teal-Cribbs, MA, Teacher for A1/A2 levels;

Brittney earned her MA in European History from WOU, and her BA in History with a minor in German from OSU. Already as a student, she enjoyed teaching of German to children. With the Ashbrook Independent School’s German after-school program and the Corvallis Preschool Teacher experiences, she continues teaching Kindergarten and Elementary German courses at DSC. Brittney joined DSC in November 2014.

Annette Youngberg, Teacher for Adult courses & Music

Annette is a retired clinical microbiologist who began studying German in junior high school. She has visited Germany several times, usually on a bicycle. Her favorite places in Germany are Berlin, Aachen, and rural Bavaria. Annette enjoys sharing her love of German language and culture with students of all ages. Annette joined our school in 2015 and is currently teaching A1and A2 levels adult classes.

Lynn Merritt Ekstedt, DSC Librarian

Lynn’s love of German began in her college days when she spent six months in Germany as an exchange student. A few years ago, she met Ludmila Schuster while taking German classes at Oregon State University. Lynn enjoys reading, traveling, learning new things, and meeting new people. In January 2019, she became the DSC librarian.

Elizabeth Jones, Ph.D. , Teacher for adult classes

Elizabeth B. Jones is Professor Emerita of Modern German History at Colorado State University and currently lives in Corvallis. She is supporting DSC by teaching an adult A1 class and preparing lecture series on German history.

Ludmila Schuster Provaznikova, Ph.D.
School Director & Teacher

Ludmila received an MA in FL Education and History in the Czech Republic. She spent several years teaching German and History at middle and high schools in the Czech Republic and in Germany. In the United States, she earned an MA in German Literature at the UNC and a PhD in Foreign Language Acquisition at the University of Iowa. She has been faculty in the German Program at OSU since 2010. Her interest is multi-lingual language development, which she gets to practice with her family every day. Ludmila started the school team in the Fall 2014.

Supporters, Assistants and Volunteers 2020-2021:

Bill Baxter, Web Support

Prof. Mark Novak, Department of Integrative Biology

Kim Phillips, Kindergarden Teacher, Ashbrook; Language Assistant

Carol Richardson, Language Assistant

Erika Scholl, Presenter and Native Language Conversant

Daniel Youngberg, Web Support

Former Faculty Members:

Martha Moore began as a volunteer with the adult German conversation, then moved over to teaching in the Fall 2016 to Winter 2019. Her full time job is a special ed teacher, and she is licensed to teach German K-12. 

Agnes Rehr-Zimmermann was born in Göttingen, Germany. As a student at OSU, Agnes was with DSC 2016-2018.

Kerstin Früh has a teachers credential from Switzerland. She joined our school  2017-2018.  

Anke Knauth was born in Ober-Ramstadt, Germany. She taught at GASPA (a German Saturday school in Menlo Park, CA), and at DSC 2015-2018.

Manuela Waberer joined our team in the Spring 2015 and stayed to her graduation in June 2016 with us. Now she lives back in Vienna, Austria.

Cynthia Cox, MA in Linguistics from the University at Buffalo, was an International Student Advisor at OSU. She taught at DSC from Fall Term 2014 through June 2016.

Helga McCamley was born in Germany.  She volunteered at DSC as a conversant for adults in the Fall 2014 and as a reading specialist until 2016.

Zoe Alley studied psychology at OSU. She studied German at OSU. Zoe a member of our team from Spring Term 2015 through 2016.  

Sandra Balzer: “I am very glad to have the opportunity to volunteer at Deutsche Schule Corvallis. It is very exciting to be able to teach my native language to children and adults.” Sandra joined our team in 2014 and moved back to Germany in 2020.