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June 8, 2021
Österreich Impressionen: 
Vorarlberg – „klein aber oho“

This talk will take us on a tour of beautiful and important natural and cultural areas in Austria.
By Dr. Susanne Stieger-Vanegas

May 11, 2021
Off the Beaten Track:
Lesser-known Natural Wonders in the German-Speaking Lands
By Dr. Elizabeth B. Jones

April 13, 2021
Germans Abroad: Immigration and Culture in America and Beyond
By Dr. Elizabeth B. Jones

March 9, 2021
A Poetic Walk through the Spring
By Erika Schoell

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December 8, 2020
German Poetry of the Winter and Holiday Season
By Erika Schoell

November 9, 2020
Bicycling the Romatische Straße
By Annette Youngberg

October 13, 2020
With the Grain: Food Sovereignty, Biodiversity, and Artisan Bread in German-speaking Europe
by Dr. Elizabeth B. Jones

January 12, 2021
Dresden: “Florence on the Elbe” –
A personal view (Part 1)
by Barbara Rossbacher

February 9, 2021
Dresden: “Florence on the Elbe” –
A personal view (Part 2)
by Barbara Rossbacher