2021 Spring Adult Beginning Class

NEW – Beginning German starting March 29th!

First Year German (A1.1), Mon. 5.30–7pm, 90 min., $140;
Teachers: Lynn Ekstedt & Ludmila Schuster

Textbooks: Berliner Platz Neu 1, Intensivtrainer 1, Deutsch Grammatik leicht A1;

This class is for beginning German students — no prior knowledge of German is assumed. We will cover the first two to three chapters.

  • Chapter 1 (Hallo!) will teach us the alphabet and how to introduce ourselves to others. We will have a special focus on how Germans greet each other in different parts of the county.
  • Chapter 2 (How are you?) will teach us numbers, polite small talk about how we are, and how to order drinks. We will look at the coffee house culture of Vienna.
  • Chapter 3 (What does that cost?) will visit a flea market and teach us to bargain with the stall owners. Our special activity will be an “on Zoom” flea market where we will each bring things to “sell” to each other. Be prepared for some hard bargaining!

Ideally, we would like to offer the second term of this class (A1.2) during the summer to complete chapters 4, 5, and 6.

THIS CLASS will be offered with 4 or more participants. Please let us know ASAP if interested.

Danke, Ludmila Schuster (deutscheschulecorvallis@oregonstate.edu )