Looking for something to read? The Deutsche Schule Corvallis (DSC) library collection offers hundreds of books and videos for you to choose from — for all ages and abilities! We have over 600 children and youth books, over 500 books for adults, and more than 200 DVDs! The collection includes many classics as well as recently published works, and both original German works as well as works translated into German from English and other languages. 

Books for very young children, early readers, pre-teens, and teens can be found in room #7/8. Click here for a list of books (link not yet active):
Books for older teens, adults, or advanced readers are housed in room #1.
Click here for a list of books (link not yet active):
 A wide variety of videos are also available in room #7/8. 
Click here for a list of DVDs (link not yet active):
Checking out or returning items:

Best times are on Thursdays or Fridays, before or after class meetings, so check the current class schedule to find a good time. You also can return items by dropping them off at the church office for us.
Items should be returned at the end of each school term or at the start of the next term (September, December, March, June). 
We will text/email a reminder if books are not returned within 4 months. 
PLEASE NOTE: Books not returned within 6 months will be considered lost and we will ask to pay a fee of $20+ (price of the particular book) or to help us buy the book again.
Thank you for keeping our books in good condition and available for everyone to read. 

To check out a book:

1. Fill out our FREE membership form.
2. Come to choose a book or contact us.
3. Before leaving with the book, fill out an index card (in each book): date/name/phone. Leave the index card in our library (red box in the bookshelf).
4. Return to the same bookshelf – there is a collection box you can leave the book for us. We will find the right index card for you.
Thank you.
Donating books to us?

We have been building this library since 2015. Most of the books were brought by the Schusters directly from Germany or donated by our friends in town. Thank you to all!

We will be happy if you have a book to add to our library – you can contact us to pick those up from you or you can bring them to the school. Thank you 🙂


Plans for the library in 2023 include creating a digital portal for browsing the collection and submitting requests — so stay tuned for more on this project. 

And, … resolve to read more books (in German) in the new year!

Your DSC librarian, 

Lynn Ekstedt